SUNDAY / December 15th / STUDIO CINEMA / 7:30pm / ROMANIAN PREMIERE, with the participation of the director

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SHIRLEY – VISIONS OF REALITY (93', Austria, 2013)


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“An impressive cinematic recreation of images and moods for Hopper cognoscenti, it more controversially puts the American realist's work in a social, political and cultural context.” (Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter)


A treat for both cinema and visual art lovers, world premiered at Berlinale 2013, SHIRLEY – VISIONS OF REALITY is a unique cinematic event, a fascinating dialogue both between painting and cinema and between personal and political history. An homage to the iconic American painter Edward Hopper, the film brings to life through the means of cinema 13 of his paintings, to tell the story of a woman whose thoughts, emotions and contemplations let us observe an era in American history. In a series of breath-taking tableaux vivants, DEUTSCH's impressive set design, together with the remarkable lighting by cinematographer Jerzy Palacz, brilliantly recreate Hopper's visual universe, valuing its inherent cinematic and narrative qualities. The film follows the life of Shirley, a liberated “woman in America in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and early 60s. A woman who would like to influence the course of history with her professional and socio-political involvement, who does not accept the reality of the Depression years, WWII, the McCarthy era, race conflicts and civil rights campaigns as given, but rather as generated and adjustable. A woman whose work as an actress has familiarized her with the staging of reality, the questioning and shaping of it; an actress who doesn’t identify her purpose and future with that of solo success or stardom, but who strives to give social potency to theatre as part of a collective. A woman who cannot identify with the traditional role model of a wife yet longs to have a life partner.” (GUSTAV DEUTSCH)