BIEFF 2013 Main Award  1500€



by Ben Russell (12', USA / Suriname, 2011)


BIEFF Jury statement:

"The award for Best Film goes to a director who uses the language and techniques of cinema to transcend cinema. Playing with time and motion, the filmmaker doesn't represent, but creates a ritual that cleanses not only the characters in the film, but us as spectators as well. The award for Best Film therefore goes to RIVER RITES directed by Ben Russell!"


Best Director Award (offered by the Romanian Filmmakers' Union)  1000€



by João Rui Guerra da Mata (27', Portugal, 2012) 


BIEFF Jury statement:

"This director manages to bring together two aesthetic approaches that on the surface seem incompatible: one is theatrical, while the other is intimate. He keeps playing with the relativity of the cinematographic elements to recreate the ephemeral condition of human life. Best Director Award goes to João Rui Guerra da Mata for AS THE FLAMES ROSE!"


Best Cinematography Award (offered by CINELABS)  1500€



by Lois Patiño (14', Spain, 2012) 


BIEFF Jury statement:

"This is a film that from the first frame overpowers the spectator with the question: how was this shot? The cinematographer plays seriously with the contrast in the image and by doing so transforms a familiar nature shot into an overwhelming sublime experience. This film shows a very skilled cinematographer who knows how to get the best image out of his camera. Therefore the BIEFF award for Best Cinematography goes to Lois Patiño for MOUNTAIN IN SHADOW!"


Best Romanian Film Award (offered by CINELABS)  1500€



by Alexandru Petru Bădeliță (10', Romania, 2012) 


BIEFF Jury statement:

"It was the spontaneity and diversity of filmed materials and techniques, combined with a good sense of humor, that made the jury choose IMAGE FISHERMAN by Alexandru Petru Bădeliță as the best Romanian film in competition. The jury thus hopes to encourage the filmmaker to continue his experimental work."


Special Jury Mention



by Hu Wei (16', France/China, 2013)


BIEFF Jury statement:

"The jury decided to give a special mention to a film based on a simple but strong concept, which allows an exploration of today's cultural identity crisis by giving Tibetans a chance to express their own realities and dreams. The special mention goes to BUTTER LAMP by Hu Wei!"